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Web Hosting or 'Hosting' is a service provided by a company which offers a physical location for the storage of your store. Think of a Web Hosting Company as a type of landlord, they rent physical space on their servers allowing your store to be viewed on the Internet.

Bluehost has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1996, offering 24/7 support, highly reviewed customer service, and optimized for PrestaShop. Come and join the millions of other website owners that have already chosen Bluehost and launch your site.

Sign Up With Bluehost. Then, return to this page and select "I have hosting".

* We are a bluehost affiliate and receive compensation for new sign ups.

This free tool was designed for CPanel based Hosting only, and was tested on many of the leading Hosting services.

This free tool is provided 'as is' without any guarantee or warranty. Because of the different platforms hosting companies use, we do not guarantee that this tool will work on all web servers.

Store Settings

We do not save your cPanel information, it will only be used during the installation (We recommend changing your password when the installation is done.)
We do not save or share any personal information, we may contact you only in case the installation fails (in order to improve this tool).

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